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All of the Benefits of a Waterbed

Without Having to Buy New Furniture!

Softside waterbeds are the "new age" waterbeds. Advances in waterbed technology allow softside waterbeds to work on your existing furniture. Forget about the bulky waterbed furniture of the past—these stylish models will work with the furniture you already own. Softside waterbeds are available in several varieties including shallow fills, mid fills and deep fills.

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Shallow Fills

A shallow fill softside waterbed has a bladder that is 4 inches deep. It doesn't have as big of a variation in mid or deep fills, and it's super easy to regulate motion. You can also make one side of the mattress firm and the other side soft, which is a plus for couples who have different sleeping preferences.

Mid Fills

A mid fill softside waterbed (6–7 inches deep) is our most popular setting. It's easy to reduce the motion to almost zero and yet it still offers all of the comforts of a waterbed.

Deep Fills

This is as close to a traditional waterbed as you can get. Deep fill models hold a large amount of water at 8–9 inches deep, and yet they still contour to your body even with reduced motion.

A Houston softside waterbed is just what you need to get a peaceful night's sleep. Come speak to one of our showroom experts and see for yourself what sets these waterbeds apart from others on the market.

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